Everything must come to a goddamn end. That’s not to say that it can’t be picked up again in the future for shits & giggles.

Over the past six years Ghoul Poon has morphed into some serious monstrosities.

From a noisey blast beat solo project – to a death-dance audio/visual duo – to a shoegazing trio – to a guitar/bass/synth powerhouse – to nihilist punk

I have recorded so much over the past two years that I’m now ready to put out there.

Starting with a full length follow up to my last record Bastard Sorcerer.

Here as a free download is Ultimate Downer


Following this I will be releasing all of the shit I’ve recorded in EP formats for the rest of the year.

Now we are in the present. I am going to be performing one man shows under the name Sun Burdens.

I have a free self-titled EP right here


I will be debuting Sun Burdens this Saturday at the UAG in Albany opening for RAILBIRD and RAWHEAD.

New Music

April 26, 2012

We are gearing up to release our long awaited follow up to 2010’s Bastard Sorcerer.

Ultimate Downer (originally titled The Cosmic Conversation) features 12 songs (such as the already released singles “Cities of Scandal”, “Beach Crash” & “Hell Rides a White Horse” will be released this June.

Before that however, we will be releasing an EP titled Eternal Crimes. Following the release of the full length, we will be releasing an EP every month for the rest of 2012.

Our first VHS release I Dare You, Vol. 1 will be uploaded to Youtube some time this spring.

We currently have a new live line up (Shane S. vocals,drums / Asa M. guitar, / Chris B. bass / John G. guitar)

We have  video of the new line up playing a new song “Nothing I Desire”


End your year with a bang and lose yr mind dancin ta these kewl acts.

The Black Ships: yummy psych rock from Saratoga.

Ghoul Poon: experimental LO-FI from Albany.

Love Banshee: Canadian Alt-Country (the best kind of Alt-Country)

Panthyon & Thee Ark: RPI students playing noisy psych garage rock.

SUGGESTED donation of 3 buckaroonies

Crazy good show. Like KRAZY. So be hurr.

We have a new live line up. We’ve lost our good friend Greg Tebanno over scheduling conflicts, but we have invited back old members of Ghoul Poon Chris Brown (2008-2010) and John Gill (2010).

you can catch this line up debut on March 17 at Valentine’s with White Load (Load Records) & Chloroform Party.

New 40 minute limited edition VHS titled ‘I Dare You Vol.1’. The first in a series featuring Ghoul Poon, Asian Women on the Telephone, Blood Stereo and Gerritt Wittmer/Paul Knowles.

New EP “Scrying in Bed” Jan 2012.

Preview the single “Silly Axe”: http://soundcloud.com/ghoul-poon/ghoul-poon-silly-axe

Show Dec 22, Valentine’s, Albany

To keep up with tradition, I very quickly made a music video for our Halloween single from this years “Do the Fright Thing” compilation (available here: http://lofikabuki.bandcamp.com/album/ghoul-poon-presents-do-the-fright-thing-vol-4 )

Our song this year, “Hell Rides a White Horse” was written/performed by Greg Tebbano and I.

The video is directed & edited by me, with lots of additional editing by Chrisotpher Brown & help from John Gill. enjoy!

Do the Fright Thing, Vol. 4

October 17, 2011

It’s finally here! That time of year when you bust out the Nirvana hoodies, mix your favorite whiskey with hot cider and debate whether or not donning blackface for your Mr. T costume would be a great idea. It’s also that time of year when yours truly opens his haunted email box & takes submissions for Upstate New York’s (and beyond) annual Halloween compilation series, ‘Do the Fright Thing’! This is year four, and as usual all apologies to those who didn’t make the cut.. Here is a fantastic collection of eerie music from some of the areas best electro rockers, punkers, noise-o-weirdos and folkies to make your costume party not suck. Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://lofikabuki.bandcamp.com/album/ghoul-poon-presents-do-the-fright-thing-vol-4



Pictures from 10/8 @ UAG, Albany, NY

Spreaders/Zilmrah/David Tamura

Ghoul Poon

Holy Sheet

Asian Women on the Telephone




AWOTT (MOSCOW) «The lo-fi free-psych-noise gurgitation-rock costume-drama is a killer spectacle!» – Daniel Blumin (WFMU DJ)


Spreaders / Zilmrah (NY)
Both of these bands shift their sound between Drone and Harsh Free Noise. Full sound spectrum to evolve from controlled silence, handmade instruments and other treats to be expected from this collaboration.


Holy Sheet (Providence, RI)


Bone Parade (Albany NY)
«the kind of ambient darkness that makes your flesh feel like chewed meat.» The Obelisk

Ghoul Poon (Albany NY)
«charming 16-bit, lo-fi, digital music» Dejon Turner (Aquarian)


Holy fucking need of an update.

Over the last few months Ghoul Poon has mutated into a full band including Asa Morris (Black Andy) and ex – Firefighter Font members Greg Tebanno and Ben Patton.

“The Cosmic Conversation”, a full length follow up to “Bastard Sorcerer” has been finished for awhile. It has been potentially shelved due to the exploration of new recordings with new members.

A new DVD release “Ultimate Downer Video Gospel” has been temporarily shelved.

We played hardly any shows this summer in anticipation of opening for Atari Teenage Riot. The show was cancelled.

We have a new video for our new single “Cities of Scandal”. The video was shot & edited in a single day. Written & directed by myself with some additional direction by Chris Brown. It stars Gary Ziroli (ex Antic Hay / Capital Air).

The Black Ships have been very busy in preparation to open for Blood on the Dance Floor at Northern Lights.


As many of you know, we here at Lo-Fi Kabuki, every year put together a Halloween compilation. Well, Shane does most of the work, but I (Asa) occasionally pretend I do some of it. Anyway, we are now accepting submissions for VOLUME FOUR. This compilation always goes over extremely well, and garners a substantial amount of attention. I do suggest getting in on it.


You need to know the rules, regulations, and rub a dub:

PLEASE NO COVERS. Originals only. I know, your band does an astounding “Monster Mash” cover. We don’t care. We want to hear your original shit. Be creative. Have fun with it.

We prefer local (Upstate NY) and regional (NYC, Mass, Buffalo…) acts, but maybe, if your shit is really good, or we have heard of you, we’ll consider throwing you on there.

We prefer song songs. With lyrics. The first songs we cut each year are instrumentals (or covers). That’s not to say we don’t enjoy them (1983′s “Lonely Ghosts” and Motel’s “Costumes Don’t Make the Whores” come to mind), but unfortunately, we have to keep drunken Halloween singing party people in mind.

Lastly, you might get cut. In fact, there is a good chance you will. We try to get everyone on that we can, and each year, up until the last day, we think we will, and then we get flooded with 40 fucking entries, and we have to swing the axe, and no, it isn’t first co9me first serve. It’s who we think are the best entries. SO BE FUCKING GOOD.


Send all of your submissions in mp3 or wav (preferably wav) to lofikabukirecords@gmail.com