more shows…

February 26, 2008

well the 22nd show came and went. of course the weather was awesome until the morning of. lots & lots of lovely snow, so the turn out was pretty rough. it got better as the night went on, but at first it was pretty scary. Tone Pony were great.. Kamran’s dancing (& beard) won me over. Audibel (Rochester) was awesome. I don’t listen to Animal Collective but people say he sounded like them.. I just enjoy the kind of music he makes. very sparse, repetitive soundscapes with echoed vocals.. mmmmmmm.. i had fun doing my little noisy improv jam and everyone seemed to enjoy it.. here’s some pics..


Tone Pony:

anyways.. a few more shows coming up.. one definite one is another King’s Tavern show on April 12th.. so far Ghoul Poon + Pete Pluto with more TBA. My buddies in the Grab Ass Cowboys (Albany) are shooting for an out of state show in late March plus I’m trying to currently book a show with the cool dudes in Bad Costume (Albany/Brooklyn) for mid to late March. we’ll see!

tomorrow night I’ll be doing my first headline show at King’s Tavern. Also playing are my good buddies Tone Pony plus a great solo act from Rochester called Audible. I’ll be debuting a lot of new noisy toys, most notably my new SP-404. I may also have a special guest or two joining me in all the noisy goodness. def not a show to miss.

well.. yet another show canceled by the VFW. this was the last straw though.. this would have been a truly great show.. Ghoul Poon, Charlie Everywhere, Beware!, Zahnarzt, Severe Severe plus two touring bands. The VFW ended up scheduling a party on the same night without telling any of the bands or the booker. pretty shitty, especially for the two touring bands from New Jersey.

and last.. on the whim I decided to start a black & white, xeroxed local music zine that I will distribute for free in coffee shops & pizza places in Saratoga, Glens Falls and Albany. The idea is a basically a zine entirely based on local musicians, shows, and cd releases. It’s a way to get away from solely promoting on Myspace. Each zine will feature about 4 or 5 bands, and in between each article will be fliers for upcoming shows. At the moment I’m thinking of calling the zine Chainsaw Disco. the first issue will be distributed this March. It will be a very collaborative effort and will definitely benefit all involved!