it’s been awhile doods. pretty exciting as far as shows go. March 22nd w/Bad Costume and a bunch of other cool bands.. Didn’t happen.. out of state show w/ Grab Ass Cowboys.. didn’t happen. what is happening however is a mega large bill (in tribute to a mega large man’s birthday celebration by the name of PETE PLUTO) on April 12th at the good ol’ King’s Tavern in Saratoga. the bill includes (but is not limited to) Ghoul Poon, Pete Pluto, Tone Pony, Oz Alfonso, Lonewolf, Spooky Orange Cats, Will Blaze and probably more. I’ll be whipping up a flier soon.. usual deal with this one.. 21+ (except not really) $5 (except probably not).

I’d like to shout out to the whole world that finally.. for the first time since 2001 I am able to record music with my computer. I know I’ve been managing to make tunes since 2001, but recording capabilities have been quite sketchy. I now have a little mini studio going in my place, and finally am firing up my dusty AKG mic that I got a few Christmas’s ago.

while being unable to record new tunes from the time i recorded “Holy Holly” last summer to now, I’ve been recording a lot of weird jams on cassette tapes.. which shall surface soon.. mastered a little as a series of releases I’ll be calling “PLANET OF THE TAPES”. a little snippet of what’s to come is available to check out on the myspace, at the moment titled “Farewell to an arm”

other then that.. i’ve been attending many more shows (Math/Charlie/Oddy bill was quite the highlight) and diving deep back into the art of David Lynch. I finally got my five fingers (wink wink) on the gold deluxe set of Twin Peaks. Wow, Bob, Wow what an amazing series. And finally.. I got my hands on the Lost Highway dvd while in Maine this week.. not to mention a Blue Velvet poster.. Lynch fan boy? you bet I am.


Live video

March 8, 2008

My buddy Chris Brown has upped an entire performance of mine from the February 22nd show at King’s Tavern. There’s 5 parts.. here’s the first, the rest can be accessed at  (518 Local Live Music) Chris-B Productions Enjoy..


Coming soon is a video project I’ve been working on with my buddy Chris B tentatively titled “ACID COWBOY”.. it’s a fun little piece that will most likely be my next music video (following “SEEING YOU AGAIN”). There will also be a few videos up from my last improv monster jam at King’s Tavern from the Feb 22nd show for all those who didn’t make it out that night.

more showwwwwwwws are on the way. On March 22nd Albany will be assaulted by a couple of weird acts including myself. The other bands at the moment are BAD COSTUME (Albany experimental artist Pinkriverdolphin + 2 drummers from Brooklyn), a soloist from Glens Falls called A VIRUS.. a couple noisy folks called WORLDS OF SHIT plus a few others yet to be announced. The show will most likely be on the downstairs stage at Valentine’s. I’m working on the flyer at the moment and will edit it into this post soon.

And last.. April 12th will be PETE PLUTO’S SPACED OUT BIRTHDAY BASH at the good ol’ King’s Tavern in Saratoga. The lineup at the moment consists of myself (THA GHOUL OF POON), PETE PLUTO, BACKWARD BLESSING & the SPOOKY ORANGE CATS. Midas will most likely be DJing his usual sets.

that’s all for now.. flyers coming soooon