woes + shows

April 14, 2008

well I’ve fucked up pretty hard in the life department last week. Not gonna go into too much detail but things aren’t looking too good for the poon. Played a show last night at King’s Tavern.. opened for Pete Pluto/ K-Sea/ Spooky Orange Cats/ Lonewolf. I winged a song in the beginning which was followed by my synth and mic completely shitting out on me. I ended up just winging it for about 10 minutes and called it quits. Not a good show in my book.. but I did blow a lot of drunken ear drums.

i’ll be finishing this month with two more shows.. both taking place in the downstairs bar at Valentine’s in Albany. first, on April 20th I’ll be opening for The Ruined Frame and Zahnarzt. Ruined Frame features members from an amazing Baltimore band I played with last May called Human Host, so the show should def be fun. I may have a special guest joining me for some noisy goodness. and finally, on April 30th I’ll be playing a pretty big show that’s being thrown by NoMoreCore Booking (hopefully this one actually happens). I’ll be one of four experimental local bands opening for The Emotron and Mose Giganticus from Philadelphia. The local bands include Pinkriverdolphin, Juanito Unicorn and Worlds of Shit.

2 new cd’s

April 2, 2008

I have 2 projects I’m currently working on.. one consisting of brand new recorded material and another is a sort of compilation of remastered tape cassette jams..

the new cd will be my first ghoul poon full length LP and at the moment is called “DOG BUYS PISTOL” and will be available at shows.

the tape compilation will be called “PLANET OF THE TAPES” and will most likely be a free downloadable podcast on the new www.sub-bombin.com

at the moment 1 song from each record is available at www.myspace.com/ghoulpoon