Troy Night Out

May 30, 2008

Tonight I’ll be performing in the band BAD COSTUME alongside PINKRIVERDOLPHIN, 2 drummers from Brooklyn and perhaps a trumpet player.Onn 4th Street & Broadway in Troy, we’ll be filling the city streets with sonic gold from 5PM-9PM for this months TROY NIGHT OUT. Hopefully this is the beginnings of a beautiful relationship, and possibly a chance for me to join Bad Costume (the more bands, the better!). For more information visit

I’ve been making some serious progress with my new CD, Dog Buys Pistol. the past few days I’ve recorded three new songs and fixed up some vocals on older tracks. this CD is seriously going to be the shit. and pulling it off live will be even better.

finished tracks include:
1.First Date Spaghetti Dinner
4.You Saw Me in a Dream, Right?
5.Foxy Pink

exciting stuff.. knowing the on/off rate that i work in, i can’t really say when the cd will be done.. but i’m going to go on a whim and shoot for mid June. it’ll be a self released disc with all original artwork by myself and will go for $5 tops. did i mention it’s going to be my first full length? wooo

a couple of possible shows coming up.. my buddies Tone Pony & Audibel are looking to set up a show somewhere in Saratoga on June 20th that I’ll possibly headline. The next day Audibel will be joining me for the first annual Lofi Kabuki Primitive Party. a dream me and one of my musical partners Jeff have had for quite some time hopefully is going to come true. basically it’s going to be an outdoor experimental/ noise/ psychedelic concert/rave. others that will be joining us will be Albany’s Grab Ass Cowboys and Pinkriverdolphin. the night will hopefully end in a big bonfire and all of the bands coming together for some sonic late night craziness. all are welcome. let’s cross our fingers..

and finally August 16th is the official date for the almighty REXLEIGH MILL FESTIVAL thrown by the Mathematicians every year in Salem, NY. last year my groups A Fetish for Ethics and Sub-Bombin’ played to a large crowd of drunkies. these shows are always what me and my friends look forward to every year. the Poon may play if the planets align.. but Sub-Bombin’ will definitely be in the house. the confirmed line up is as follows: Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons (Madison, WI), Mustaches (Olympia, WA), Charlie Everywhere, Mathematicians, Desperately Obvious, Beware! the Other Head of Science, Matthew Loiacono, Sub Bombin’, William Hale, Twat & Praise Grace.

and last.. a good friend of mine named Ben Gabelman filmed an interview with me for one of his media arts classes. it came out kind of goofy but is interesting none the less.. enjoy!

and last.. everyone needs to check out the new PORTISHEAD record.. fucking WOW!

this upcoming week is going to be an interesting one. my close friends know May 6th will be a crucial day.. a perfect way to start out the summer.. I couldn’t ask for anything more surreal. on the 7th, I’ll start my new job.. repetitive actions and lots of $$$. I’ll keep you posted, world.

the show on the 30th was a fun one. finally got to meet some key noise boys from Albany and Glens Falls. we all basically played for each other, since the turn out was one of my worst. the show differed from past performances in that I was joined by the NUDE BABES (kevin kenkel & chris brown). I actually really prefer playing with others, oppose to by myself. nobody cared so we rocked out non stop for about 45 minute.. making noise, getting a rhythm.. drawing it out and then switching it up.. and repeat. we then joined PINKRIVERDOLPHIN to some tacos and missed out on the short sets played by both THE EMOTRON and MOSE GIGANTICUS.. which sucked.

some good pics courtesy of Kirstin..

last.. i’d like to apologize to everyone who was hoping to see me on the 20th with ZAHNARZT and THE RUINED FRAME. my shit’s not straight at the moment.. but hopefully after this week.. i’ll be back on track.

as for the new CD. at the moment it’s called “DOG BUYS PISTOL”. I’ve got a couple of demos finished that I really like and will def see the light of day.

-First Date Spaghetti Dinner
-Foxy Pink

so brace yourselves!

at the moment i couldn’t live without:
Karera Musication “Juu”
The Doors “Not to Touch the Earth”