an epic night of noise

June 14, 2008

What an epic night. first off the UPSTATE ARTISTS GUILD is the shit (Thurston Moore on June 26th!!). I surprised everyone tonight by releasing a new 7 track EP called “Nice New Shoes, Samurai!” as a free release. It consists mostly of the b-sides of tracks I’ve been working on for my LP, as well as a few live jams (Nude Babes + IYTN). Not sure if I’m going to make anymore of these, so if you got a copy.. enjoy.

First, THE CALL IT ANYTHING were awesome. Psych/prog with an awesome drummer.. they played two real tight jams (I want to say this was their first show?). It was friday the 13th so JASON COSCO rocked out with the visuals: Jason Voorhees on acid choppy clips.. awesome stuff.

I played next with the help of Chris Brown on synths and debuted a couple of actual songs. I played “First Date Spaghetti Dinner”, “Botanica” and “Foxy Pink” all off my LP I’m working on. The performance was alright aside from a few usual malfunctions.. we played through a weird amp which actual made us sound like a lofi, basement 80’s dance group.. so that was sweet.

GRAB ASS COWBOYS shredded it up next with their first performance in a few months. Christian rocked out with an Alesis HR-16 which definitely added to the sonic goodness.

Next up was my second time performing with BAD COSTUME. This was a truly epic performance. JASON JETTE of COMPLICATED SHIRT , Mike of ZAHNARZT, Kevin of BONE BARADE and a saxophonist joined us in a massive drone piece. My ears are still ringing.

And last WORLDS OF SHIT performed with Christian giving him a hand, but sadly I missed the performance.

All in all.. an amazing night in Albany for the 518 noise goons!

friday the 13th..

June 6, 2008

Next friday Jason Cosco is throwing a great noise show at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, NY. The bill consists of BAD COSTUME, GRAB ASS COWBOYS, GHOUL POON, WORLDS OF SHIT and a psychedelic band called THE CALL IT ANYTHING. The show is $5.00, starts at 8:00 PM, and will also feature some great wall projections as the bands perform.

Also, last weekend, Troy Night Out was awesome. We filled the streets of Troy with some heavy sonic goodness.. expect some clips on youtube in the near future. Enjoy the pics..