Monday Noise Football=FAIL.

September 26, 2008

Well shit.. fall is officially here. And the legal trouble that’s kept me in limbo since April has finally worked out. Halloween’s on it’s fucking way..

For those who attended the Noise night experiment at Hotshots, you know what went down. I just wanted to try it out because I love the guys at Hotshots, and I love their sound system. But, as one should’ve expected.. ambient electronics / harsh noise freak outs don’t mix well with Monday night football at a sports bar. Needless to say the night was extremely fun and historic until the next day. Close friends know the nightmare I’ve been going through and I’d like to apologize a million times to Hotshots for the awful shit that went down.

Shaking off the nightmare I opened for Severe Severe and Detroit’s Child Bite on Wednesday at Kings Tavern. AWESOME show.. AWFUL turn out. What’s the deal people? If Charlie Everywhere (not a shot at them, just YOU) isn’t playing you couldn’t give two shits? Despite the huge disappointment it was great to finally meet Severe Severe and build with them. I smell good things to come.

Next up for me, despite the crap I’ve dealt with I’ll still be playing with Grab Ass Cowboys and Worlds of Shit at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany. Two touring bands from Iowa will be playing as well (Boar and Make Believe Bombs Blow Up Make Believe Worlds). As usual at the UAG this is a free show ($5 donations accepted for the touring bands) and starts at 9:00 PM. Will definitely be a fun one.

Last thing for you.. expect some new faces rocking out with me in Ghoul (I already debuted one at Hotshots). Also a possible shift in the official line up and the music I’ve been making. Exciting!


9/22 @ Hotshots
Ghoul Poon

Pinkriverdolphin/Bad Costume

Exhalations of the Octopi

Grab Ass Cowboys

9/24 @ Kings Tavern

Ghoul Poon

Child Bite

Severe Severe

“Botanica” music video

September 20, 2008

put a lot of work into this one. i’m not 100% happy with the outcome, but i still think it’s pretty cool. it tells the story of a dying cowboy’s vivid final dreams. directed by me and edited by Chris-B Productions.

pretty bummed that i missed out on Jessica Rylan’s circuit bending workshop at Skidmore. regardless, check out her work.. it’s very good.

recorded a song tonight with Chris for an Albany noise compilation Grab Ass Cowboys are throwing together.

here’s some pictures of the last Hawtshawts show snapped by Agent Ian.

noise>not noise

September 16, 2008

Aaahhhh! What an awful show last night at Hotshots! Packed crowd full of people excited to finally catch me live.. faulty wires/faulty synth? Who knows what the fuck it was, but it was complete FAIL. I’m really rethinking everything with this solo performance thing. I need a new BAND. I want to be the background guy again. Anyways, I’d like to thank Chris for playing with me, Jesse for helping put the show together, Worlds of Shit, Firefighter Font and Pandha Piranha. Everyone else put on an awesome show!

The show next Monday I’ll be doing a noise set.. no songs. So yea, come out and cover your ears.

I also just jumped on the bill for next Wednesday’s Kings Tavern show with Severe Severe (who just played the SoCo Music Fest with MGMT and Justice) and Childbite (from Detroit). not totally sure what I want to do for that one, performance wise. We’ll see..

As for the cd.. it’s awesome.. you’ll hear it someday.