Ghoul Poon Presents: Do the Fright Thing – Volume One
©2008 Sub-Bombin’ Records / Lofi Kabuki.

Compiled by Sub-Bombin’ artist Ghoul Poon, “Do the Fright Thing” is a Halloween themed compilation made up solely of musicians from the capitol district area of New York (Albany/ Saratoga Springs/ Glens Falls, etc) and features a wide variety of genres (punk, indie, electro, hip hop, noise and more). Enjoy guys and have a happy Halloween!!

1. Desperately Obvious – Oh! It’s Halloween
2. Daytime Soiree – Zombie Apocalypse
3. Scientific Maps – Halloween 1985
4. Asa Morris – The Monster
5. Pete Pluto, Mr. Mcfeely & El Sciz – Superstition*
6. Suzy Wong and the Honkeys – Ghost
7. Ghoul Poon – Satanic Lunch
8. Matthew Loiacono – For Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9. Mr. Mcfeely – Buried Alive**
10. Firefighter Font – Ghost Food
11. Sai u Drom – The Butcher
12. Beware! the Other Head of Science – The Monster Song
13. Tobiaz – Around the Bend
14. Contact Kiss – This Halloween
15. Harry Pyle – Witch’s Brew
16. Pinkriverdolphin – Ghosts from Outerspace
17. GM – Mask Slips**
18. Christopher Brown – Halloween Show
19. Worlds of Shit – Bad New for Barbara
20. Daniel Levine – The Man Who Comes to Take You Home
21. Jason Cosco – Them

* produced by Uncle Junbug
** produced by Khil

At times I had my doubts, but in the end everyone came through for the wonderful 518 Halloween compilation I’ve wanted to do for the past few years!! This baby has 20 tracks featuring A LOT of different local music. Artists included are: Desperately Obvious (Albany), Daytime Soiree (Saratoga Springs), Scientific Maps (Albany), Asa Morris (Glens Falls), Eraserheadz (Saratoga Springs/Cambridge), Suzy Wong and the Honkeys (Albany), Ghoul Poon (Saratoga Springs), Firefighter Font (Saratoga Springs), Sai u Drom (Saratoga Springs), Harry Pyle (Albany), Chris Brown (Saratoga Springs), Beware! the Other Head of Science (Albany), Tobiaz (Albany), Contact Kiss (Saratoga Springs), Pinkriverdolphin (Troy), Matthew Loiacono (Ballston Lake), GM & Khil (Albany), Worlds of Shit (Albany), Daniel Levine (Saratoga Springs) and Jason Cosco (Albany)!

The album and artwork will be available for free download @ on October 25th!

Seriously thanks again to everyone who helped me with this.. until next time..

On a different note I’m making my return to Hotshots tonight with the almost famous Charlie Everywhere. Special guests include Witness and Wake Up Electrified. I’ll be doing my usual death dance set with Chris Brown.

The October 9th UAG show was amazing.. Me and Asa cranked out a seriously noisy freakout. Grab Ass was too damn short, but GOTDAMN Boar & Make Believe Bombs fucking schooled us on the noise tip.

Enjoy a few shots courtesy of CBP & Dave Gunn..

The New Killer

October 8, 2008

October is finally here beetches.. and this Thursday (10/9) I’ll be making my return to the lovely Upstate Artists Guild in Albany. As usual I’ll be spreading sonic goodie fuzz, performing with Grab Ass Cowboys, Worlds of Shit and two Iowa noise bands; Boar and Make Believe Bombs to Blow up Make Believe Worlds. It’s going to definitely be a good one. I’ll be following my new trend of making every Poony show a different one by doing a split battle set with Asa Morris (of Super Concentration Club) from Glens Falls. Me and Asa are new buddies, have way too much in common and will be playing together for the first time in front of an audience, so it should be interesting.

at this show I’ll be giving away a handful of copies of “The New Killer“, the first CD me and Jeff did as If Yes, Then No back in 2007. I think it’s ready to be heard by more than two ears. You can hear the EP almost in it’s entirety over at Speaking of IYTN, “The Umberland Remix” will probably find it’s release at the next UAG show I’m scheduled for. Asa too will be giving away free copies of his latest EP “Mute“. So, come out.. watch the creepy visuals courtesy of Jason Cosco, watch the Albany noise boys battle it out with some Iowa noisers to see who can knock down the most paintings, get some free cd’s and witness me and Asa’s half hour of spacey fuzz.