My Bloody Thanksgiving

November 27, 2008

Ah Thanksgiving.. that can only mean I’m full of bubbles and tofurkey as I type this little update.

First Jason Cosco just put up a full video of me & Asa Morris’ noise battle at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, which you can view below. The jam is certainly awesome. We get into quite a groove at times.

Part 1: (9:51)

Part 2: (6:47)

I’ve got quite a few shows coming up to end 2008, although most are TBA. December 22nd at Hotshots is a definite though is. So far it’s Ghoul & The Valley Ghosts from Michigan with more TBA.

The house party basement show with Audibel & Samuel Yager (Tone Pony/Birthdays) was pretty sweet. Me & Samuel played together and did two improv sets of noisy electro. It was pretty awesome and maybe we’ll do some more in the future.

This Saturday I’ll be hitting up Aimie’s Dinner & a Movie in Glens Falls for the Mathematicians debuting their long awaited DVD “Transdimensional Odyssey of Doom“. It’s $15, but everyone will receive a free copy of the DVD.

Dog Buys Pistol” is about 90% finished. I’ve also started work on a new project and new direction I’d like to take the Ghoul.. exciting.

12 hours of drone

November 14, 2008

On November 22nd, the good folks at the Upstate Artists Guild are about to do some iLLy shit! “A RIVER OF DRONE”, presented by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective will showcase some of the areas noise musicians attempting to perform a continuous 12 hour live drone performance. The show runs from 12pm-12am and will be a good one for sure. Musicians include Eric Hardiman, Ray Hare, Holland Hopson, Jason Cosco, Michael T. Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock and hopefully yours truly! Regardless I’ll be in the house in awe.

The day before Halloween I went and checked out Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer’s collaborative performance/installation “Space within these lines not dedicated” at Hudson Valley Community College. Lee ran from various rooms, swinging one guitar from a rope and just messing around on another, creating a full on sonic assault while Leah projected what appeared to be footage of a crowd in Japan. To top it off I got to meet Lee and told him I wanted to father his babies.

Still no official shows lined up for me to finished out 2008 (aside from a private house party on November 21st with Audibel and Tone Pony, and hopefully the River of Drone performance). I’d like to maybe get a show together around my birthday.. we’ll see about that.

After hearing a couple songs on the radio, being like HOLY SHITTT and finding out it was a band called Beach House, I finally checked out their two LP’s. Pfffft, so good. I don’t really know about I feel about the new Gang Gang Dance record.. gotta spin it a few more times before I decide.

Holy hell, is it really already November? Yesterday was my first time voting, and I feel like I won! Congrats to Obama!

The build up to Halloween was much better than the actual day. It came and went in a flash like always. We drove up to Albany to catch Beware! the Other Head of Science’s set, which was of course awesome (nice Misfits cover).

My “Do the Fright Thing” compilation actually happened and was very well recieved! I’d love to keep these guys going every year, so we’ll see what happens. I promoted the hell out of that thing and if you heard it, I hope you enjoyed it.

To promote the compilation, I pieced together a music video for my featured song “Satanic Lunch”. The footage is very dated (is that.. Fetish??) but fits the song very nicely. You can check it out here:

The day after Halloween show with Firefighter Font was pretty rough. The system is completely ruined, so.. it looks like it might’ve been one of the last Kings Tavern shows. Despite coming out of one speaker (which was shot by the way) my set was pretty well recieved in all it’s lofi glory.

As for November-December and onwards I have no shows scheduled.. I will be putting the finishing touches to “Dog Buys Pistol” and then taking the Ghoul into a completely different direction.

I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing a Ghoul Poon DVD to coincide with the release of “Dog Buys Pistol”. Features would include all of my music videos to date, a couple of live performances and a collection of my short films. The DVD itself would be self released like all my CD’s, probably in my normal paper sleeve fashion, and sold for $2-5. Exciting!