The “Experimental New Musics” night at the UAG was fucking amazing. Great performances from everyone. I apologized for going on a little too long (35 minutes!?), but hey.. I kind of got zoned out. Thanks to Beth for joining me in what was regarded as “desintegrating dub”.

lots of good pictures can be found here:

and here’s a few goodies of our set from Samantha Brie:

This Sunday I’ll be joining Asa Morris at the UAG to help him perform a couple of his songs. We’ll be playing under the name Black Andy. Expect some new tunes very soon. Also performing is Grab Ass Cowboys plus two touring bands, Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra.

Say it with us now..

February 8, 2009

Metroland : Weekly Noteworthy:

Century Plants, Bone Parade, Bad Costume, Ghoul Poon, Grab Ass Cowboys
Upstate Artists Guild, Saturday

Say it with us now: Ghoul Poon. Now let’s try the next one (and we want to hear those S’s hiss): Grab Ass Cowboys. Ah, see, now you’re getting it. With these bands, it’s all about the sound. We’re not talking song, melody, note, or even pitch, per se. These guys deal in the raw, unpasteurized, elemental, fresh-out-the-womb shit. For your listening and/or vibrating and/or convulsing and/or blissing out and/or disintegrating pleasure, of course. Bear in mind though, when they take you apart Saturday night, they’re not obligated to put you back together. (Feb. 7, 7 PM, $3, 247 Lark St., Albany, 426-3501)

well this just ruined my day..

by Jimmy Joe Roche
music by Dan Deacon

Elliot Sphinx “Symptoms”

11 track EP available for free download, LIMITED TIME ONLY! Satisfy your appetite for that raw, disgusting, hallucinogenically wholesome brain-bashing goodness with “Symptoms”.


1.  Welcome to the Machine
2.  Ductape
3.  WhatNDaWorld
4.  Rebel Yell (ft. Ace the Grappler)
5.  Abortion
6.  Prime Objektive (Yellow Bile)
7.  Wrap A Mummy
8.  Creepshow
9.  Squeeky Toys
10.  Lo Main
11.  Knowledge to Delf