I’ve been wicked due for a good solid update.

Music video i made for the song “Cog” by Albany noise artists WORLDS OF SHIT from his latest EP “Samuel VS. Worlds of Shit” :

(special thanks to Chris Brown and Dan Willard)

May 1st Grab Ass Cowboys and Bad Costume will be invading the airwaves of SUNY Albany’s WCDB 90.9 FM from 9PM-midnight. You’ll probably just think your radio is broken..

I”ve got a couple of awesome shows coming up..

VAST AIRE (Cannibal Ox / Def Jux) at Red Square in Albany with Pete Pluto, Homeboy Sandman (Brookyln) and more. June 7th..

DYODT fest at the Saratoga Arts Center with Jason Cosco, Pinkriverdolphin, Worlds of Shit and many more.

nice little music festival at The Shelter skatepark in Albany.

MILL FEST, August 15th!!

I’ve been attempting to make it to as many shows as possible this year. So far I’ve caught Wu-Tang, The Meatmen, M.D.C., Talib Kweli.. coming up is !!!, C-Rayz Walz, George Clinton, Biz Markie… definitely going to be a good summer.

New EP from Asa Morris titled “4”



It appears that Adam Stump of Grab Ass Cowboys has gone AWOL….. bizarre & awesome all at the same time. I hope to see Adam again someday… hopefully stumbling into the UAG in a dirty plaid coat, bum gloves & a bottle of vodka.

I’ll be joining Grab Ass Cowboys for two shows this month.. one is a last minute show tomorrow at the Saratoga Arts Center opening for I, Destroyer (members of Dropdead), Three World Chant and a few other hardcore bands. Our set will pretty much be an all star cast of Albany noise musicians, including members of Exhalations of the Octopi & Death Is Easy.

And on the 8th I’ll again be joining Grab AssĀ  Cowboys as we take a trip (teehee) to Castle Rockmoore in Syracuse for a basement show. Also playing will be the great Hunted Creatures, Nature and more.