February 23, 2010

so far, so good. started out with some great shows with Holy Sheet, Cruudeuces, Isa Christ, SPRDRS and Marlo Eggplant. i’m playing a showcase at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn on March 13th with Technoir MA, Mani Pedi, Already Gravity, The Prettiest Meltdown and Venetian Aircraft.

frustrated frustrated frustrated. technical problems as far as recording goes and trying to figure out how to play on my own without pausing for three minutes between songs.

Lofi Kabuki Records in full effect, upcoming releases by Contact Kiss, A and the B Killers, Black Andy and more. first release of the year is the BLACK NEIGHBOR cassette: I’ve put together my first four EP’s from 2007 (Black Neighbor, She’s Dead Wait, Death Sex & Taxes & Holy Holly) and selling them as my “first LP”. handmade cassettes $5 a pop.

then comes the new handmade CDR “Voluntary Coma”. 8 songs, $3 at shows. free download for a very limited time.


finishing up my first DVD release. “100 Psychic Dreams”. ten music videos. here’s a sneak peek. a video for a new song called “Thunderstorm Concepts”

within the next few months i’ll be releasing “Fluffy Dragon EP” cassette, “Dog Buys Pistol EP”, “Bastard Sorcerer EP” and a cassette release on Corpus Callosum