Well, it’s finally here (yayy). I’ve been talking about releasing Dog Buys Pistol for like two years now.

This was originally to be a LP, and a sub-bombin release, but it got stuck in limbo for quite some time. The featured songs are all fairly dated (2008-2009), but still pretty solid. It was definitely recorded deep in my synth punk death dance phase. A couple of these were live staples for awhile.. so regardless, enjoy!


1. Dying on Christmas
2. Heartless Vampire
3. 1929
4. Gold Ear (((Ring)))
5. Breating in Public
6. Trying Isn’t Good Enough
7. Lolita Burns

artwork by Stefanie Demas (aged 10!)

In other news, we’ll be playing HEAVY FESTIVAL presented by the Marketplace Gallery. I don’t know much about it, but I believe it’s an attempt to restore St. Joesph’s Church in Albany. The festival is taking place this Friday and Saturday (July 22/23) and will feature performances by Ghoul Poon, Firefighter Font, Rawhead (sub-bombin) and Peter Edwards (Casperelectronics). Come out for a good time, and fuck.. did i mention we get to play in a church?!)

July 22

July 11, 2010