Here’s a new video I directed for the upcoming Black Andy record, “I See Beauty”.

Black Andy “Kill Yourself” – Directed by Shane Sanchez

Upcoming Releases

February 19, 2011

I realize that I haven’t welcomed in the new year on this site, so I thought I should give a proper update, with all things Lofi Kabuki.

The new Ghoul Poon record The Cosmic Conversation is oh-so-so close to completion. I’ve put a lot of work into this biddy and it’s the official follow-up to Bastard Sorcerer. Keeping the ball rolling, I have 2 upcoming cassette releases and a split 7″ coming up after this release.

The Black Ships record has been out for a bit and can be purchased here. This record was a collaboration with my fellow ex-A Fetish for Ethics bandmate John Gill. It’s sort of a goth rock/postpunk meets Gorillaz disc and features a guest appearance by former Sub-Bombin emcee Sime Gezus/Pete Pluto.

To conclude, I recently directed a music video for the new Black Andy record which will be available very soon!