To keep up with tradition, I very quickly made a music video for our Halloween single from this years “Do the Fright Thing” compilation (available here: )

Our song this year, “Hell Rides a White Horse” was written/performed by Greg Tebbano and I.

The video is directed & edited by me, with lots of additional editing by Chrisotpher Brown & help from John Gill. enjoy!

Do the Fright Thing, Vol. 4

October 17, 2011

It’s finally here! That time of year when you bust out the Nirvana hoodies, mix your favorite whiskey with hot cider and debate whether or not donning blackface for your Mr. T costume would be a great idea. It’s also that time of year when yours truly opens his haunted email box & takes submissions for Upstate New York’s (and beyond) annual Halloween compilation series, ‘Do the Fright Thing’! This is year four, and as usual all apologies to those who didn’t make the cut.. Here is a fantastic collection of eerie music from some of the areas best electro rockers, punkers, noise-o-weirdos and folkies to make your costume party not suck. Enjoy!




Pictures from 10/8 @ UAG, Albany, NY

Spreaders/Zilmrah/David Tamura

Ghoul Poon

Holy Sheet

Asian Women on the Telephone