Everything must come to a goddamn end. That’s not to say that it can’t be picked up again in the future for shits & giggles.

Over the past six years Ghoul Poon has morphed into some serious monstrosities.

From a noisey blast beat solo project – to a death-dance audio/visual duo – to a shoegazing trio – to a guitar/bass/synth powerhouse – to nihilist punk

I have recorded so much over the past two years that I’m now ready to put out there.

Starting with a full length follow up to my last record Bastard Sorcerer.

Here as a free download is Ultimate Downer


Following this I will be releasing all of the shit I’ve recorded in EP formats for the rest of the year.

Now we are in the present. I am going to be performing one man shows under the name Sun Burdens.

I have a free self-titled EP right here


I will be debuting Sun Burdens this Saturday at the UAG in Albany opening for RAILBIRD and RAWHEAD.