AWOTT (MOSCOW) «The lo-fi free-psych-noise gurgitation-rock costume-drama is a killer spectacle!» – Daniel Blumin (WFMU DJ)

Spreaders / Zilmrah (NY)
Both of these bands shift their sound between Drone and Harsh Free Noise. Full sound spectrum to evolve from controlled silence, handmade instruments and other treats to be expected from this collaboration.

Holy Sheet (Providence, RI)

Bone Parade (Albany NY)
«the kind of ambient darkness that makes your flesh feel like chewed meat.» The Obelisk

Ghoul Poon (Albany NY)
«charming 16-bit, lo-fi, digital music» Dejon Turner (Aquarian)


Our NYC friends Spreaders return to the UAG on Tuesday the 29th for a night of debauchery with Berberine (ex members of Bone Parade & Grab Ass Cowboys), Ghoul Poon and All Gods are Terrorists. The show is free and starts at 8 PM.

The “Experimental New Musics” night at the UAG was fucking amazing. Great performances from everyone. I apologized for going on a little too long (35 minutes!?), but hey.. I kind of got zoned out. Thanks to Beth for joining me in what was regarded as “desintegrating dub”.

lots of good pictures can be found here:

and here’s a few goodies of our set from Samantha Brie:

This Sunday I’ll be joining Asa Morris at the UAG to help him perform a couple of his songs. We’ll be playing under the name Black Andy. Expect some new tunes very soon. Also performing is Grab Ass Cowboys plus two touring bands, Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra.

Albany Sonic Arts Collective – Sensory Overload

Friday, December 19, 2008

This is a Proctors Art Night event, to take place in the GE Theatre at Proctors. A night of psychedelic sound and video featuring the music of:

Twilight of the Century
Bad Costume
Bone Parade
Ghoul Poon
Grab Ass Cowboys

Artist’s Statement
The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is a new grassroots organization dedicated to building a thriving community of listeners and performers of music that exists outside of traditional boundaries. The Collective will strive to support a wide variety of music and sonic art forms, with a special emphasis on those that stress freedom and exploration of new ideas. Styles may include free improvisation, drone, noise, electroacoustic improvisation, electronic music, avant jazz, and many others. Shoot us an email anytime –

Sponsored by Dangerous Music at Proctors.

December 19th I’ll be performing at Proctors in the GE Theatre along side my good friends Bone Parade and the Grab Ass Cowboys. More info & artists TBA! It’s going to be pretty crazy. Show starts at 5:00 PM.

I am currently featured in the art exhibit “Band Posters & Music Packaging” at the Upstate Artists Guild in the Featured Artists Room from now until December 26th. Two CD’s of mine are featured on display as well as in the listening station. The first is my latest self released EP “Nice New Shoes, Samurai!“, the second is for my group If Yes, Then No’s debut EP “The New Killer”. Also included in the exhibit is a hand made poster for the October 9th show with Grab Ass Cowboys, Worlds of Shit, Boar and Make Believe Bombs. Many thanks to Jason Cosco!
for more info visit:

8,000,000 shows

August 6, 2008

I go months sometimes without any shows lined up. suddenly they pile on top of each other. Last thursday I did a VS set with Jason Cosco and Adam Stump of Grab Ass Cowboys opening for the ridiculously awesome Hair Police. And I mean… honestly, thank god Thurston Moore played at the UAG.. the attendance at these noise shows has very noticeably been boosted. Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight did a VS set as well and Bone Parade put everyone in the mood before Hair Police exploded into horrible caveman goodness.

yesterday at the last minute I threw down a set at Hotshots (replacing the failed A Fetish for Ethics reunion), playing four songs off “Dog Buys Pistol” and closing with my devilish cover of Classics IV’s “Spooky”. Some got it, some didn’t.. I mean.. I was opening with psych death dance at a hip hop show. I Chris Brown has been shredding the crunchy synths to add to my death dance shows.  Pete Pluto destroyed.. best 518 hip hop performer, hands down. I missed Witness and Oddy Gato.

I’ve got quite a few shows lined up. First (not quite official), word has it I’ll be opening for Mathematicians at Hotshots on Sept 1st. Also on the 15th at Hotshots I’ll be playing another show with Rochester’s Audibel and his metal band AIDS. On the 22nd (also at Hotshots) I’ll be doing a noise set with Jason Cosco and Jeff from If Yes, Then No.. opening for Pinkriverdolphin, Harry Pyle and more TBA. Finally, I’ll be playing October 9th at the UAG with a couple of noise bands from Iowa called BOAR and Make Believe Bombs Blow Up Make Believe Worlds. Also joining us will be, of course Grab Ass Cowboys and Worlds of Shit.

take that shit, smoke it and watch Pineapple Express this weekend fuckers! See you at the Mill Fest.


Ghoul Poon VS Jason Cosco VS Adam Stump = GRAB POON COWBOYS
7/31 @ UAG, Albany, NY

Ghoul Poon
8/4 @ Hotshots, Glens Falls, NY


July 20, 2008

July 31st at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, NY.

GHOUL POON VS. [][][][]]]][][][] (JASON COSCO)

get ready to not have fun..