New 40 minute limited edition VHS titled ‘I Dare You Vol.1’. The first in a series featuring Ghoul Poon, Asian Women on the Telephone, Blood Stereo and Gerritt Wittmer/Paul Knowles.

New EP “Scrying in Bed” Jan 2012.

Preview the single “Silly Axe”:

Show Dec 22, Valentine’s, Albany


I shot this a few months ago while opening for Sissy Spacek (Bastard Noise). These guys are performance artists Gerritt Wittmer (worked with Sun O))) ) and Paul Knowles.

They started out their performance by flooding the gallery toilet and causing kind of a strange confusion. I made the mistake of smoking right before their performance, walked in unexpectedly and got my mind blown.

Hands down the most intense performance I’ve ever seen.

(Note: 1:50 he starts crying!)


March 19, 2010


Sissy Spacek – Noise legend John Wiese’s(Bastard Noise) long running project that stretches the boundaries of junk noise, grindcore and punk to the most punishing degree possible

Twilight of the Century – Eric Hardiman & Ray Hare of the Century Plants/Burnt Hills boyz lay down the low vibrotones with Mike Bullock and Linda Aubry Bullock (Rise Set Twilight) to create impending doom on yer ass…big time!

Gerritt Wittmer/Paul Knowles – Performance minded duo with Microphones…on tour with Sissy Spacek! Wittmer has collaborated with Sunn 0))) so it should be righteous.

Grab Ass Cowboys/Ghoul Poon – Ramshackle Party Brothers that know how to disappoint.

Buddy Cops – Hard blast of madness from members of local hardcore wham-dingers Coughing Fit & Cancer.


Sailing Records Tour w/
Spiral Bodies

+ Pink River Dolphin
Grab Ass Cowboys vs Ghoul Poon
730pm $5

thanks shane