Beatshot Music Festival will return to the Red Square in Albany, NY for not one but two days (July 2nd & 3rd) this year. The event will feature poets, food vendors, emcees, visual artists, video projection, clothes vendors, bands, dancers, b-boys and homeboys.

On Friday July 2nd world wide triple threat J-Live ( will be hosting with DJ’s Nate Da Great and Trumastr.

On Saturday July 3rd Homeboy Sandman ( takes over hosting duties with J-Live behind the ones and twos.

Also performing:

3rd Party
Animal Cracker
Anneice Cousin
Broadcast Live
Chinatown Lights
The Chronicles
Deep Children
Designs By Jessyka
DJ Ofi
DJ Playground
DJ Tone
DJ Trumastr
Dwell OneUnit
Dez And Nobs
Doom Fist
Existing Artist
Funkn A
Ghoul Poon
Homeboy Sandman
Iam Self
Irie Photography
Jae Lux
Jason Cosco
John Robinson
Killa Kev
The Logical
Mirk and the New Familiars
Mr. More
Mr. Pigs
Muscle City
Nickey Black
Oddy Gato
Pandha Piranha
Pete Pluto
Readnex Poetry Squad
Rick Whispers
Sev Statik
Some Girls Boutique
Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde
Truth InRhyme
White Lotus
Wine And Diner
Willingdone Museyroom

And more!!

This weekend will be filled with a little something for everyone and the value, $5 per day, is unbeatable. Hope to see you there!!!

Picture The Music 2010!

*Note* anyone under 21 (over 18) will be charged an additional $5 which goes directly to the venue.

Two disc Halloween compilation released by Sub-Bombin artist Ghoul Poon. Consisting solely of musicians from the capitol region of New York!



1. WDIE FM (Intro) – Lofi Lobo
2. Theory of Witches – Machete
3. Sparkle Mag – Todd is New Each Moment
4. Voodoo – Oddy Gato
5. WDIE FM (Interlude) – Lofi Lobo
6. Heartless Vampire – Ghoul Poon
7. Apart at the Seams – Nursing Home Discoveries
8. Beautiful Funeral – Eraserheadz
9. WDIE FM (Interlude) – Lofi Lobo
10. Cut (Up Some Sheets) – Grady Stiles
11. Off With His Head – Barons in the Attic
12. American Lobotomy – Charlie Don’t Surf
13. I Go Out at Night – Black Andy
14. WDIE FM (Interlude) – Lofi Lobo
15. Head Crack – Pete Pluto and GM
16. Lights Off – The Boston Celtics
17. Touch the Sky – Tobiaz
18. Return of the Ghost – Asa Morris
19. WDIE FM (Interlude) – Lofi Lobo
20. Candybars and Razorblades – Oz Alone
21. Sarcoughagus – Skeletons in the Piano
22. Power Slut – Grab Ass Cowboys
23. Barnabas Collins – Motel
24. WDIE FM (Outro) – Lofi Lobo


1. Oh! It’s Halloween – Desperately Obvious
2. Zombie Apocalypse – Daytime Soiree
3. Halloween 1985 – Scientific Maps
4. The Monster – Asa Morris
5. Superstition – Pete Pluto, Mr. Mcfeely & El Sciz
6. Ghost – Suzy Wong and the Honkeys
7. Satanic Lunch – Ghoul Poon
8. For Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Matthew Loiacono
9. Buried Alive – Mr. Mcfeely
10. Ghost Food – Firefighter Font
11. The Butcher – Sai u Drom
12. The Monster Song – Beware! the Other Head of Science
13. Around the Bend – Tobiaz
14. This Halloween – Contact Kiss
15. Witch’s Brew – Harry Pyle
16. Ghosts from Outerspace – Pinkriverdolphin
17. Mask Slips – GM
18. Halloween Show – Christopher Brown
19. Bad New for Barbara – Worlds of Shit
20. The Man Who Comes to Take You Home – Daniel Levine
21. Them – Jason Cosco


June 28, 2009

hosted by J-Live & Dezmatic. w/ Ghoul Poon, Algorhythm, Origin, Nickey Black, Oddy Gato, Brown Bag All Stars, Hired Gun, Rawhead, Rabbi Darkside, Pete Pluto, Doomfist, Genesis LXG, The Lyricists, Sev Statik, Analogue Transit, Broadcast Live, Seez Mics, AWAR & many more

I’ll be at the Sunday show joining Pete Pluto in some new Backward Blessing material!!


Ghoul Poon Presents: Do the Fright Thing – Volume One
©2008 Sub-Bombin’ Records / Lofi Kabuki.

Compiled by Sub-Bombin’ artist Ghoul Poon, “Do the Fright Thing” is a Halloween themed compilation made up solely of musicians from the capitol district area of New York (Albany/ Saratoga Springs/ Glens Falls, etc) and features a wide variety of genres (punk, indie, electro, hip hop, noise and more). Enjoy guys and have a happy Halloween!!

1. Desperately Obvious – Oh! It’s Halloween
2. Daytime Soiree – Zombie Apocalypse
3. Scientific Maps – Halloween 1985
4. Asa Morris – The Monster
5. Pete Pluto, Mr. Mcfeely & El Sciz – Superstition*
6. Suzy Wong and the Honkeys – Ghost
7. Ghoul Poon – Satanic Lunch
8. Matthew Loiacono – For Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9. Mr. Mcfeely – Buried Alive**
10. Firefighter Font – Ghost Food
11. Sai u Drom – The Butcher
12. Beware! the Other Head of Science – The Monster Song
13. Tobiaz – Around the Bend
14. Contact Kiss – This Halloween
15. Harry Pyle – Witch’s Brew
16. Pinkriverdolphin – Ghosts from Outerspace
17. GM – Mask Slips**
18. Christopher Brown – Halloween Show
19. Worlds of Shit – Bad New for Barbara
20. Daniel Levine – The Man Who Comes to Take You Home
21. Jason Cosco – Them

* produced by Uncle Junbug
** produced by Khil

8,000,000 shows

August 6, 2008

I go months sometimes without any shows lined up. suddenly they pile on top of each other. Last thursday I did a VS set with Jason Cosco and Adam Stump of Grab Ass Cowboys opening for the ridiculously awesome Hair Police. And I mean… honestly, thank god Thurston Moore played at the UAG.. the attendance at these noise shows has very noticeably been boosted. Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight did a VS set as well and Bone Parade put everyone in the mood before Hair Police exploded into horrible caveman goodness.

yesterday at the last minute I threw down a set at Hotshots (replacing the failed A Fetish for Ethics reunion), playing four songs off “Dog Buys Pistol” and closing with my devilish cover of Classics IV’s “Spooky”. Some got it, some didn’t.. I mean.. I was opening with psych death dance at a hip hop show. I Chris Brown has been shredding the crunchy synths to add to my death dance shows.  Pete Pluto destroyed.. best 518 hip hop performer, hands down. I missed Witness and Oddy Gato.

I’ve got quite a few shows lined up. First (not quite official), word has it I’ll be opening for Mathematicians at Hotshots on Sept 1st. Also on the 15th at Hotshots I’ll be playing another show with Rochester’s Audibel and his metal band AIDS. On the 22nd (also at Hotshots) I’ll be doing a noise set with Jason Cosco and Jeff from If Yes, Then No.. opening for Pinkriverdolphin, Harry Pyle and more TBA. Finally, I’ll be playing October 9th at the UAG with a couple of noise bands from Iowa called BOAR and Make Believe Bombs Blow Up Make Believe Worlds. Also joining us will be, of course Grab Ass Cowboys and Worlds of Shit.

take that shit, smoke it and watch Pineapple Express this weekend fuckers! See you at the Mill Fest.


Ghoul Poon VS Jason Cosco VS Adam Stump = GRAB POON COWBOYS
7/31 @ UAG, Albany, NY

Ghoul Poon
8/4 @ Hotshots, Glens Falls, NY