AWOTT (MOSCOW) «The lo-fi free-psych-noise gurgitation-rock costume-drama is a killer spectacle!» – Daniel Blumin (WFMU DJ)

Spreaders / Zilmrah (NY)
Both of these bands shift their sound between Drone and Harsh Free Noise. Full sound spectrum to evolve from controlled silence, handmade instruments and other treats to be expected from this collaboration.

Holy Sheet (Providence, RI)

Bone Parade (Albany NY)
«the kind of ambient darkness that makes your flesh feel like chewed meat.» The Obelisk

Ghoul Poon (Albany NY)
«charming 16-bit, lo-fi, digital music» Dejon Turner (Aquarian)


nice solid update

May 12, 2011


First and foremost, I have finished my first 30-page zine! Chainsaw Disco, No. 1. Chock full of my collage work destined to make you uncomfortable. This puppy will be available at our show tomorrow night (May 12 @ Upstate Artists Guild, Albany) for a measly $2.


Which brings me to the awesome show tomorrow. We (current line up of myself, Asa Morris (bass) & Greg Greg Tebbano (guitar) are playing the Girls of Porn record release show. Others performing are The Men, TFO & Robert Hood. 8PM, $4. all ages.

OINK # 2

I released a black metal style solo project a few week ago under the name Oink. An EP of 4 songs simply titled Oink. Today I put up a second EP of 5 songs for an EP called Haunted Highway. Available for free download here.


And last, today for fun (hmm, or something like that), I recorded a cover of the acoustic version of “Trust Me” by Swans. Which you can download for free right here:

July 22

July 11, 2010

Get heavy with pep pep this Sunday!

4:30 at Divinyl Revolution in Saratoga Springs, featuring

ANGKOR WHAT??? (Lukeman/Liam Rees duo)
guitar/percussion/space synth/ flute hypnosis

organ drones/drum loops/ghosts in the grand canyon


8 PM @ Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, NY

Man Forever feature some serious drummers. These drummers in fact:
Kid Millions (ONEIDA, and the last few US BOREDOMS shows), Brian Chase (YEAH YEAH YEAHS), Shahin Motia (EX MODELS, Oneida), Allison Busch (AWESOME COLOR, Red Dawn II) and Richard Hoffman (SIGHTINGS)

dig it:

NOVELLER: Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based sound artist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. She has performed in Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army, and as a member of Glenn Branca’s 100 guitar ensemble. You may have caught her opening for the jesus lizard on several of their reunion tour dates.

INFERIOR AMPS: solo project of Shahin Motia, best known for his work with EX MODELS and ONEIDA.

Grab Ass (cowboys?): are scum suckers from albany.

Spreaders: Good Times Power Drone from downstate NY. DIG.

Small donation at the door is suggested.

I shot this a few months ago while opening for Sissy Spacek (Bastard Noise). These guys are performance artists Gerritt Wittmer (worked with Sun O))) ) and Paul Knowles.

They started out their performance by flooding the gallery toilet and causing kind of a strange confusion. I made the mistake of smoking right before their performance, walked in unexpectedly and got my mind blown.

Hands down the most intense performance I’ve ever seen.

(Note: 1:50 he starts crying!)

I’ve been wicked due for a good solid update.

Music video i made for the song “Cog” by Albany noise artists WORLDS OF SHIT from his latest EP “Samuel VS. Worlds of Shit” :

(special thanks to Chris Brown and Dan Willard)

May 1st Grab Ass Cowboys and Bad Costume will be invading the airwaves of SUNY Albany’s WCDB 90.9 FM from 9PM-midnight. You’ll probably just think your radio is broken..

I”ve got a couple of awesome shows coming up..

VAST AIRE (Cannibal Ox / Def Jux) at Red Square in Albany with Pete Pluto, Homeboy Sandman (Brookyln) and more. June 7th..

DYODT fest at the Saratoga Arts Center with Jason Cosco, Pinkriverdolphin, Worlds of Shit and many more.

nice little music festival at The Shelter skatepark in Albany.

MILL FEST, August 15th!!

I’ve been attempting to make it to as many shows as possible this year. So far I’ve caught Wu-Tang, The Meatmen, M.D.C., Talib Kweli.. coming up is !!!, C-Rayz Walz, George Clinton, Biz Markie… definitely going to be a good summer.





SEVERE SEVERE (albany, ny)
-the bastard sons of Ian Curtis.

HUMAN HOST (baltimore, md)
-Jim Morrison crunk freakout!!

GHOUL POON (saratoga springs, ny)
-death dance duo. suicide meets del the funkee homosapian.

COMA (albany, ny)
-formally known as Zahnarzt. Sounds like a nihilistic ghost trapped in the body of a friendly robot.

GRAB ASS COWBOYS (albany, ny)
-noise boys who like to P.A.R.T.Y.

awesome flier by Thomas (Coma):

on another note I’ve joined the band BIRTHDAYS (formally known as Tone Pony) with my ex A Fetish for Ethics band mate, Samuel.

enjoy some pics from sam brie:

The “Experimental New Musics” night at the UAG was fucking amazing. Great performances from everyone. I apologized for going on a little too long (35 minutes!?), but hey.. I kind of got zoned out. Thanks to Beth for joining me in what was regarded as “desintegrating dub”.

lots of good pictures can be found here:

and here’s a few goodies of our set from Samantha Brie:

This Sunday I’ll be joining Asa Morris at the UAG to help him perform a couple of his songs. We’ll be playing under the name Black Andy. Expect some new tunes very soon. Also performing is Grab Ass Cowboys plus two touring bands, Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra.

December 19th I’ll be performing at Proctors in the GE Theatre along side my good friends Bone Parade and the Grab Ass Cowboys. More info & artists TBA! It’s going to be pretty crazy. Show starts at 5:00 PM.

I am currently featured in the art exhibit “Band Posters & Music Packaging” at the Upstate Artists Guild in the Featured Artists Room from now until December 26th. Two CD’s of mine are featured on display as well as in the listening station. The first is my latest self released EP “Nice New Shoes, Samurai!“, the second is for my group If Yes, Then No’s debut EP “The New Killer”. Also included in the exhibit is a hand made poster for the October 9th show with Grab Ass Cowboys, Worlds of Shit, Boar and Make Believe Bombs. Many thanks to Jason Cosco!
for more info visit:

My Bloody Thanksgiving

November 27, 2008

Ah Thanksgiving.. that can only mean I’m full of bubbles and tofurkey as I type this little update.

First Jason Cosco just put up a full video of me & Asa Morris’ noise battle at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, which you can view below. The jam is certainly awesome. We get into quite a groove at times.

Part 1: (9:51)

Part 2: (6:47)

I’ve got quite a few shows coming up to end 2008, although most are TBA. December 22nd at Hotshots is a definite though is. So far it’s Ghoul & The Valley Ghosts from Michigan with more TBA.

The house party basement show with Audibel & Samuel Yager (Tone Pony/Birthdays) was pretty sweet. Me & Samuel played together and did two improv sets of noisy electro. It was pretty awesome and maybe we’ll do some more in the future.

This Saturday I’ll be hitting up Aimie’s Dinner & a Movie in Glens Falls for the Mathematicians debuting their long awaited DVD “Transdimensional Odyssey of Doom“. It’s $15, but everyone will receive a free copy of the DVD.

Dog Buys Pistol” is about 90% finished. I’ve also started work on a new project and new direction I’d like to take the Ghoul.. exciting.